The Best Lemon and Basil Tarts

Lemon and Basil Tarletts

Lemon and Basil Tart made the true french way with Pate Sucree and Lemon Cream.  Its been two years since I had my first Tarte Citron at Jacques Genin in Paris.  It was love at first taste, and I immediately bought Monsieur Genin's little recipe book "Le Meilleur de La Tarte Citron", even though I cant [...]

Ruby Grapefruit and Ginger Curd

grapefruit and ginger curd

Ruby Grapefruit and Ginger Curd is a fantastic alternative to Lemon Curd.  Its super quick and simple to make . There is always a bottle of Lemon Curd on the shelf in my fridge - its my all time favourite to add to Berries Yoghurt and Granola for breakfast, or to put in a pastry case, or [...]

How to make Blended Nut Milks and Creams

Nutribullet nut milks and creams

Soy milk is the go-to alternative to dairy but sadly almost all commercially farmed soybeans come from genetically modified crops making it far from being a healthy alternative. Unfermented soy also disrupts our hormone levels. Another popular alternative, rice milk, offers few nutritional benefits and typically contains many additives to improve its texture. So I [...]

Chef Matt from Fresh Menu Planner

Kale and Grilled fruit salad

    Meet  Matt Kearns from the  Google + Food Bloggers community that I belong to - our little Food Blogging global village comprising of  over 2500 food bloggers around the world. Matt is the mastermind behind The Fresh Menu Planner , a website where he shares Dairy Free and Gluten Free recipes.  He is [...]

The Neighbourgoods Market at The Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town

Neighbourgoods Market Old Biscuit Mill

  The Old Biscuit Mill is a little village in the heart of Woodstock, Cape Town.  Here South Africa’s most talented, innovative designers, artists, photographers, and connoisseurs of fine taste and décor come together to share their passion.  The Mill is home to day and night markets with the addition of offices, designer stores, great restaurants, [...]

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